Facial Serum


Clarifies and brightens facial skin. Fades blemishes. Will lighten by about 1 to 2 shades if used twice a day.

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Hyperpigmentation is a skincare issue that is common to many Black people, because melanin production is more active in our skin. While melanin is amazing, it can be overproduced by the skin as a response to sun exposure, stress and other conditions leaving uneven skin tone, blemishes and age spots.

Adunni Organics Facial Serum is designed specifically to tackle hyperpigmentation effectively and above all, safely. It’s job is to address dull, hyperpigmented and blemished skin through intense hydration, increased skin cell turnover, infusion of antioxidants to the various layers of skin and protection from sun damage.

Our Facial Serum absorbs quickly and leaves a non-sticky, soft after-feel​. Its antioxidant rich formula combined with the right amount of vitamins and skin nourishing extracts will revitalize your skin to give you cleaner, brighter skin and fade blemishes. It will also lighten your skin by about 1 shade if you use it twice a day.

No Parabens, Alcohol and Mineral Oil. Formulated without Phthalates. Adunni Organics Facial Serum may discolor with time, but oxidation is minimal and the formulation will remain effective. We package the product in dark brown glass to ensure that packaging materials and light do not effect the product.

Apply to finger tips and massage all over face after applying Toner and before Face Custard.

Do NOT mix it with your cream or anything else. You won’t like the results you’ll get if you do.

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