Natural hair and skincare Products Lagos Nigeria.

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Men’s Range

Full skincare range specifically for men.  13,000.00  11,500.00

Moisture Boost Kit

The perfect range of skincare products for the body. Perfect for all skin types and all ages.  9,500.00

Moisture Boost Plus

Brightens and polishes skin, great for thirsty or dull skin in need of a boost.  12,500.00  11,000.00

Skin Glow Kit

For those who want stress free skincare in 1 bundle.¬†Not for dry, sensitive or damaged skin.  9,500.00

Skin Glow Plus

Head to toe kit. Will nourish and polish the skin to a radiant glow. Not for oily/sensitive/acne-prone skin.  14,000.00  12,500.00

Toning Lotion with Berry Extracts

Reverses hyperpigmentation. Gentle and gradual skin lightening. Improves Collagen and Elastin proliferation.  12,500.00